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Pierce County Community Plan for Anderson Island

While most of the information provided in this post will be considered old news to residents of Anderson Island it is my hope that for people who are interested in visiting Anderson Island with the possible intent of living on the island either part time or full time this information will be of great value and interest.

In 2009 Pierce County put together a community plan for Anderson and Ketron Island. The plan is designed to help with the unique community planning challenges of both island. The 109 page document is a comprehensive effort to help provide a framework for growth in the future. The following is the vision statement from the community plan.


Anderson Island is a historic and rural residential community with an attractive and compact central commercial node.

Growth on the Island is managed to retain the Island’s historic and caring character, foster a sense of community and diversity, and preserve the natural forested and marine environment and ecosystems.
Residential and commercial development is designed to be visually pleasing and integrated into the natural surroundings.

The Island contains well planned public infrastructure and services to support a diversity of residents’ needs including safe walking areas, recreational opportunities, parks and open space, schools and a transportation system coordinated between the local ferry and regional mass transit.

The plan strives to take in consideration the needs of the local residents while carefully setting parameters for future growth. The idyllic community of Anderson Island is very concerned about how future growth and future services will impact the overall island.
If you would like you can read the entire Pierce County Community Plan for Anderson and Ketron Island by following this link.

If you are considering living on Anderson Island it will be good for you to be aware of  Pierce Counties Anderson Island community plan. When you are ready to search for a home or piece of land to develop on Anderson Island you can visit Classic Homes Northwest and search all the homes and properties that are available for sale.

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