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Anderson Island Building Lots Amazing Values Summer 2013

Building lots on Anderson Island are such a great value.

Building Lots on Anderson IslandYou can (as of this post) pick up a building lot on Anderson Island for under $3,000 There are dozens of lots for sale that are value priced. The lots come with Electricity and Water available in the street.  The lots also include access to all of the benefits of the Riviera Community Club.

Visit Evergreen State Homes by following this link.  The link will take you to a list of all lots currently for sale on Anderson Island. If you would like additional information you can inquire directly from the site.

What are you waiting for Anderson Island is calling you to come and enjoy yourself.


8 Responses to Anderson Island Building Lots Amazing Values Summer 2013

  1. Scott Ennis says:

    I’d love to build a place on the island! Is it legal to park an RV on your lot to live in while you are building?

  2. Explorer says:

    Hi Scott,

    Yes the CC&R’s do not allow for an RV to be used while building a structure. Don’t hate me it’s not my rule =)

  3. Scott Ennis says:

    Thanks Explorer! What about living in a mobile home while building? Or would it be better to buy 2 adjacent lots, put a mobile home on one while building on the other?

  4. kris says:

    Do CC&Rs prevent RV camping on your property for a weekend or week if you intend to use it for your private ‘campground’ and not for building?

  5. Explorer says:

    Kris, Yes the CC&R’s do prevent you from using your lot for camping. It would be great if they would consider letting owners use the lots occasionally as campsites. However, at this time that is simply not possible.

  6. Cynthia says:

    I am looking for property to put a mobile home and farm baby goats!

  7. Mary Kellogg says:

    We will be listing a 1/4 acre lot that buts up to the cemetery. Lot is on Madrona.

    We found a property in Eatonville and will build there.

    Lot is level and not too woody. Stay tuned!

  8. Nate Lauzis says:

    Where can one look up the rules for the properties?

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